The Difference Between Commercial Cleaners & Home Cleaners

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When you arrange a cleaning service, the company you use will have processes in place to ensure that the work is done properly. This will look slightly different for domestic cleans than it does for business cleaning, as there are different requirements for each role. Let’s take a look at the differences between the responsibilities of commercial cleaners and home cleaners.


A cleaner who is working in someone’s home will be required to carry out their job to a high standard. However, the only goal is to meet the standards of the homeowner. In commercial settings, the cleaner must meet the strict requirements of that business. Healthcare environments in particular will need to be cleaned to a very high standard. Any risk of contamination could land the business in legal trouble, so commercial cleaners have a huge amount of responsibility.


While homes can be cleaned with standard equipment, businesses often need a bit of extra help. Whether it be a floor polisher, industrial vacuum, sterilising equipment or special chemicals, commercial cleaners need to work with different devices to get their work done. Domestic cleaning companies are unlikely to have this sort of equipment, as their job very rarely calls for it. To ensure that your business gets the best clean possible, we recommend always choosing a specialist cleaner.


Even big homes aren’t usually anywhere near the size of large commercial spaces. Schools and hospitals can have a huge amount of rooms, therefore they will need to employ a cleaning company with more manpower if they’re to get the job done quickly. Experienced cleaning companies will be able to supply your business with multiple commercial cleaners who can give your premises a thorough clean in a reasonable time frame.

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Working Hours

Because most commercial spaces will operate during the daytime, commercial cleaners need to work around the clock to meet their customer’s needs. It’s likely that cleaning shifts will be between the hours of 5pm and 6am, so a commercial cleaner will need to be flexible to make this work. They’ll also need to be prepared to work on weekends and bank holidays. This is very different to commercial cleaning needs, as this is often done during normal working hours.

For Commercial Cleaners, Choose Albrite

We offer commercial cleaning services in Redruth and the surrounding areas of Cornwall. Our expertise is in cleaning healthcare settings, but we’re able to provide our services to all commercial environments. Get in touch with our team today for a detailed consultation about your needs.


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