A Comprehensive Carpet Cleaning Guide

Cleaning a rug

Carpets are a warm and attractive flooring solution that many people favour. However, they can be hard to keep clean, particularly in businesses with heavy foot traffic. We’ve put together a guide to help you keep your carpets clean where possible.

Choose The Right Carpet

Before we begin to explain how to care for carpets, let’s get one thing straight. You have to choose the right carpet for the environment it’s going in. While it may look pretty, it’s a terrible idea to put a plush, fluffy, white carpet in a busy work environment. It’s almost guaranteed to get soiled and muddy in a very short space of time.

Consider the nature of your work environment. Choose a durable, hard-wearing carpet that can stand up to the amount of foot traffic it will get. Select colours that are darker and patterns that hide dirt and stains well. It’s inevitable that commercial spaces will get dirty throughout the day, so help yourself out by choosing a carpet that can hide a few imperfections.


Taking care of your carpets is important. If you notice a spill or patch of dirt, hoover or wipe it up straight away. Allowing dirt to soak into the fibres can lead to stains which will be much harder to remove. Commercial cleaners can be instructed to hoover your carpets daily, which will ensure that dirt doesn’t linger for too long.

You also need to be careful if using any products on your carpet. If you’ve noticed a stain and want to use a new cleaning solution to remove it, test it on a small area first. In this case, if the product stains your carpet it will only affect a small area.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning

All businesses with carpets will benefit from professional carpet cleaning from time to time. Depending on how dirty your carpets get, you may want to get them professionally cleaned and sterilised every so often. This also helps you to maintain high standards of cleanliness which can’t be achieved through only hoovering.

Carpet cleaning also helps to reduce the appearance of stains and remove any nasty odours that may have accumulated in the fibres.

For Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Choose Albrite

We can clean your carpets as a one-off or on a contract basis. Get in touch with us today to discuss your business’s needs.


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