5 Office Areas That Need Regular Cleaning

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Is your commercial space in need of cleaning services? Regular upkeep is essential in keeping the environment safe, hygienic, and a nice place to work. What’s more, staff and visitors will appreciate the work that goes into a clean workspace. We’ve put together a list of areas that sometimes get forgotten about when cleaning offices..

Touch Point Cleaning Services

Places that are frequently touched include:

Because these are handled a lot, they should be wiped down to prevent germs and bacteria from spreading. Ensuring these areas are maintained well with expert cleaning services helps to prevent the spreading of viruses and other harmful bacteria.

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Blinds & Curtains

Blinds and curtains both can have a quick build up of dust if left for a long time. Having dust around can trigger allergies, so it’s important to get this sorted out for the sake of staff and visitors. If left for too long, it can look messy too. Ensure you call in professional cleaning services for regular upkeep.

Kettle & Microwave

These appliances are well-used by staff daily, meaning they should be cleaned quite often. Communal microwaves are victims to many spillages, so definitely need to be cared for inside. It’s also important to think about the handles, buttons, and dials on the outside, as they are frequently used. After Covid, it’s more important than ever to keep spaces hygienic, especially when food and drink are involved.

Under Chairs & Desks

The underneath of chairs and desks are all too easily forgotten. These spaces are hidden away but it’s important to clear for the sake of staff. Dirt left from shoes, crumbs from food, and daily wear can all contribute to having quite a messy floor underneath tables. So, make sure to hire regular cleaning services for a less disruptive, cleaner, and better-looking environment.

Behind Radiators

If there are radiators in the building, then it’s important these are maintained well. Dust settles behind radiators as they’re quite hard to reach without the correct tools. This dust again isn’t very healthy for the air inside, especially when it spreads around the room. This can be uncomfortable for people who do suffer from these allergies, so it’s important to stay on top of this task.


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